The Design Process

How it works
During the first consultation a comprehensive portfolio of garden designs will be shared. A discussion to establish your likes and dislikes will take place to ascertain the size and scope of work envisaged and your proposed budget. Based on our discussion we can then establish a design fee (Currently ranging between R3000.00 and R6000.00 depending on site size and availability of Architectural house plans) to undertake the generation of your Landscape Portfolio.

Site Survey
Before we can start any design work, we will need to undertake an accurate site survey. We will do this ourselves, unless the site is too large or complex, in which case we will need to use a land surveyor. The site plan will show the boundaries, the buildings, any existing features and the various levels.

Outline Plan or Master Plan
The garden design will consist of either an Outline Plan or a Master Plan (for larger sites). Supporting visuals such as artists impressions will be prepared to give you an idea of what the garden will look like. The plan acts as a discussion document which allows us to present our ideas and talk through any changes you want to make. It also serves as a blueprint for further detailed design work as well as any phasing of the project.

Final Ground Plan
The final ground Plan will incorporate any amendments agreed on and is the plan from which we will be able to cost, set out and build the garden. The client will be provided a comprehensive portfolio consisting of all drawings and information in order to complete the project.

Hard and Soft Landscaping Lists

The Final Ground Plan will show the location and spacing of all the plants in the design. A schedule lists the plant names, quantities and sizes and will be used to cost, order and set out the plants.

Project Monitoring
We are a full fledged design and implementation Landscaping company so will allocate a site supervisor (project manager) and resources (based on skill requirements for project) in order to complete the project.

Planting and Maintenance
Once the implementation is complete a session can be scheduled with the gardener to discuss maintenance (the when and hows).