Modern Courtyard

This home in the Jacaranda City has a courtyard linked to the major rooms such as dining room and lounge. This courtyard is an open room in the house where garden design principles have been applied to achieve something spectacular.

From the central water feature focal point, the water runs into a pebble pond and then mosaic work is used to create the effect of water running further (the blue portion of the ground plan). Something often forgotten in gardens is the walls. Walls in the garden must serve the same purpose as walls in the house as far as decoration is concerned. The ground patterns run up the walls and the pattern is repeated on the wall through the use of pebbles and mosaic work.

Raised areas on which Bali planters have been positioned create the framed images on the walls.

The pattern could have been coloured in various finishes and colours but we have decided to go with Mosaic, Pebbles and Cobbles. The only plant in this landscape will be Dasylirion wheeleri.