Company Profile

We are committed to providing innovative, site and client sensitive architectural design based solutions. Our aim is to create beautifully simple, seamlessly functional and most importantly wholly unique, exterior environments. Each garden is designed to reflect our client’s individual characters and needs, and above all is aimed at lifestyle enhancement through good, thoughtful design.

The secret ingredient to which we respond is styling. It is the relationship of the garden to its setting, both physically and intellectually that pervades every aspect of our designs. In order to obtain these ends we create a customized palette of materials and design indicators to transform the exterior environment into a seamless extension of the home. Design principles such as form, shape, colour, texture, pattern, and sound are incorporated in each design.

Create a Landscape Design Group is a member of the LGDA (Lifestyle Garden Design Association). LGDA is committed to ensuring high quality standards are maintained within the green industry by approved landscapers.

Please take some time to review our promotional video:

Create a Landscape Promotional Video. Here we share some of our gardens via a video.